Friday, 18 November 2011

A late afternoon paddle along the Purbeck Coast

On a late September weekend  I was busying myself working in my office because Mandy was away visiting family in Kent. On the Sunday I kept looking at weather wondering if I should drop everything and go for a paddle. There was a strong NW wind meaning that a drive to Lulworth Cove would provide shelter close in from the high Cliffs. I was really involved in what ever I was working on, by finally decided to go for it. 

I arrived at Lulworth at 3pm. Lulworth has an expensive car park and you have to trolley your kayak down to the cove. I use an old trolley that I can lock on the chains on the beach as this saves carrying it with me. 

The tides dictated it would be better to paddle East towards Kimmeridge. It was unusually quite in the cove for a Sunday. This already felt like it was going to be one of those special relaxing paddles. I headed out of the cove and turned East along the army gunnery ranges which were closed as usual on the weekend. I soon reached the Mupe Rocks. I love this rugged area and it has long been a favourite kayak diving spot for me. 

 Mupe Rocks

Mupe Rocks

Once past the Mupe Rocks I pulled up on the beach and kitted up for a bit of free diving. After a nice brew and a bite to eat to warm up, I head on towards Worbarrow. I passed the beach with a deserted army tank standing guard. It seems a bit spooky as there are also a few destroyed targets in the surround hills. With no one around it seems like you have arrived in a post apocalyptic war zone. This feels even stranger by fact that it is surrounded by so much beauty. 

 Mupe Beach

 Mupe Rocks in the disrance

Mupe to Worbarrow

They sea was deceptively calm close in, but every now and then I would be hit hard by a strong gusting down draft off the cliffs that was sometimes almost strong enough to snatch the paddle from my hands.

Worrbarrow Tout

Binden Hill with sea caves below


If Ratty from 'Wind in the Willows' had discovered kayaking he would have said... "There is simply nothing half as good as messing about in caves"

As I returned to Lulworth Cove it was getting dark. I pulled my kayak ashore and sat for a while to savour the moment; reflecting on another great paddle.

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