Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Point 65 XP18 Spyder

The Spyder is an open cockpit racing style sea kayak manufacture in Sweden. I have been trying to find one in the UK so that I can have a look, or better still, have test paddle. Sadly, all avenues have led to a dead end so far. The Spyder has a pronounced Swede form that is very similar to my own 25 year old design. I like the fact that is also has scuppers that drain through forward motion. I am not sure if these have a one way valve though.

Notice I use the term open cockpit as opposed to the popular term "sit on top" (SOT). Like my own design, the Spyder has an open seating pod that puts the paddler in pretty much the same position as a conventional sit in sea kayak allowing similar handling characteristics. This is very different to the SOTs made popular by Ocean Kayaks. I therefore feel a distinction should be made. SOT's are necessarily wider to cope with the higher seating position and allow drainage through simple scupper holes. An open cockpit such as in the Spyder needs a self draining venturi scupper so as not to be constantly sitting in water.

I will contact Point 65 directly to find out who is likely to stock a Spyder in the UK. 

 XP18 in a small surf

Breaking news
I have a local contact who says he will a test Spyder in a couple of weeks time. Watch this space :)

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